Studying for Social Work Licensure During the Holidays

December 20, 2018 Jeffrey McKee 0 Comments

Studying for Social Work Licensure During the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, and we’re surrounded by lively music, delicious food, and the wonderful opportunity to celebrate with our loved ones and friends. But when you’re studying to get your license, the holiday cheer can be a frustrating distraction from continuing your study routine. In the time between Thanksgiving and New Years, it’s important to balance enjoying your holiday season with maintaining your study schedule.

Follow these tips to achieve a holiday season filled with happiness and optimal studying!

Revise your personal study schedule

You probably have typical times blocked out to study for the exam. These times might need to change to accommodate the additional commitments and days off during the bustling holiday period. Look at your calendar to determine when you have holiday celebrations, family or religious obligations, and travel planned. Move your studying time to evenings and weekends you have free.

You might be surprised to find unexpected free time for studying opening up that you don’t have during the rest of the year! Additional days off work, time sitting on cars, busses, and airplanes, and evenings where the rest of the family is watching a holiday special on TV are perfect times to to fit in studying.

Stay regular when possible

While your schedule will need to change to accommodate the holidays, maintaining as much regularity as possible in your life will help you commit to studying. On evenings without holiday activities, maintain your normal routine. As much as you can, get a full night of sleep every night, eat nutritious foods, and continue to do any self-care routines as usual. Self-care will help you maintain your center and balance, which not only will keep you sharp for studying, you’ll also enjoy the holidays even more.

Stay connected to your group

If you’re part of an exam study group, do your best to remain accountable to each other during the holiday period. Continue to hold study sessions whenever possible, even if not everyone can make it, and move sessions to virtual settings like Facetime or Zoom if needed. You can easily continue to report your study progress to others working toward the same goal via email, texting, and phone calls. Knowing others are in the same boat as you over the holidays will increase camaraderie and help motivate you to keep studying alongside your study buddies.

Create holiday related rewards

Mix up your rewards for a good study session by rewarding yourself with your favorite holiday themed treats. For example, allow yourself one a delicious holiday cookie, an evening watching a classic holiday movie, or an evening out only after completing your study goals. By making your holiday events part of your studying reward system, you’ll also ensure you’re not worrying about studying while enjoying your holiday activities.

You can also get family and friends involved who aren’t normally part of your study group. When you’re with loved ones over the holidays, see if they’ll help you review your notes or even quiz you on the material. Let people know about how you’re balancing licensure studying with the holidays so that they can support and encourage you to stay on track.

Be realistic

With the typical busy holiday calendar, no matter how hard you prepare there’s a possibility you might not get as much studying done as you did during the rest of the year. The key thing to remember is to do your best. Fit studying in whenever you can, and be proud of the studying you got done during the busiest time of year.

Happy studying everyone!

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